Once and Done Exterior Painting

You'll never need to paint your home again

Ready to turn your dull, faded home into the brightest one on the block? The professional painters at Glen's Carpentry offers premium exterior painting services. Trust our painters to make your home pop with a new coat of paint.

Don't let the sun ruin your home's shine. We carry a special line of exterior paints from Sherwin-Williams that won't get dull or cloudy from sun exposure. Call 571-214-7659 today to schedule an appointment for exterior painting services.

3 reasons to paint your house

3 reasons to paint your house

Painting the exterior of your home can dramatically change its curb appeal. Here are three reasons you should hire Glen's Carpentry to paint your place:

  1. You don't like the color of your home
  2. Your home appears dull from sun exposure
  3. You are selling your home and want to boost its curb appeal

Don't spend another minute staring at your dull or dreary home. Call Glen's Carpentry at 571-214-7659 to schedule an exterior painting appointment today.