Drywall Finishing

Once your drywall is installed, we are skilled at taping and finishing it. We have the finesse required to prepare your drywall for priming and painting or wallpaper. From applying the joint compound to sanding the surface, Glen's Carpentry will finish your drywall in a timely manner.

Drywall Repair

Don't know the first thing about fixing a small or large hole in your drywall? No problem! Our skilled experts will patch and repair your drywall with precision using quality materials. Whether your kids were roughhousing or a doorknob put a hole in your drywall, Glen's Carpentry can take care of your repair needs. No project is too small for our professionals located in Manassas Park, VA.

Water Damage Repair

Due to the paper-like consistency of drywall, water damage can ruin your walls or ceilings. Located in Manassas Park, VA, Glen's Carpentry will determine whether the integrity of the wall is compromised and needs to be completely replaced, or if the damage is minimal and only needs spot replacement. From pipe bursts to roof leaks, we have repaired water damage of all kinds.

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