Get Smooth, Even Drywall

Turn to us for drywall finishing services

When installing drywall, it's important to perform drywall finishing. That's where Glen's Carpentry comes in. You can count on us to finish your drywall so that it's smooth and ready for paint.

We will:

  • Use drywall tape on the wall seams
  • Apply three coats of joint compound
  • Sand the drywall until it's smooth to make it ready for primer

We have the skills and materials needed to finish your drywall properly. Call now to schedule drywall finishing services.

Complete your drywall job with ease

Complete your drywall job with ease

Glen's Carpentry specializes in drywall finishing. We can handle jobs that require up to 30 sheets of drywall. Whether you're finishing your basement or remodeling your kitchen, you can count on us to assist you with the drywall finishing portion of the project.

Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service and prompt project completion. You'll be impressed by our quality of work.

Contact us today to discuss your drywall finishing needs.